• About us

    About us

    We create distribution solutions tailored to your needs

    We create distribution solutions
    tailored to your needs

    In the last years, the PowerBox factory has become synonymous with high quality, value for money and great service. For the ever-increasing quality of our products, a big “thank you” goes to our customers. It is their experience on the field every day, the increasingly challenging requirements of their new jobs that give us the opportunity to improve and enhance our range of products, as we continue to provide our customers with innovative solutions for their work. PBox products today can be found throughout the entertainment and AV industry, conventions, theaters, sporting events, touring and international shows, but also marine, transportation, motion control, general engineering industries… and everywhere product soundness, reliability and safety are essential.

  • We take pride in our work

    We take pride in our work

    We take pride in our work

    With more than 30 years of experience in engineering and building quality solutions for power distribution and management, PowerBox can provide ideal solutions for mobile power management in virtually unlimited applications throughout the industry. Amongst our customers there are many world class “names” we are proud to be cooperating with, as well as equally important smaller companies, all providing invaluable inputs for our ever pursuit of excellence for our products. We put great emphasis on Quality Control and Test Traceability, as the components mounted on our assemblies undergo standard tests through different production stages and final quality control processes, with test traceability provided throughout the entire manufacturing cycle. PowerBox products are RoHS compliant.

    PowerBox Factory PDUs & cables and Syntax connectors are manufactured in Italy by Valentini.

  • Inventors, manufacturers, innovators.

    Inventors, manufacturers, innovators.

    Valentini is a dynamic, ever-evolving company operating in over 60 countries worldwide. For more than 30 years we have actively researched, designed and manufactured connectors for power, signal and hybrid applications. Our Syntax connectors have been used all over the world to manage power and electric signals in fields such as industry, automotive, broadcasting, shipbuilding & ship to shore power, international sporting events, live shows, military & national emergency management by agencies such as the Italian Civil Protection Department, and so many more.Valentini is an environmentally-aware company where respect for the environment is an integral part of the manufacturing process. Our team is motivated and mindful of details, as we are aware of how important details are in our pursuit of uncompromised quality and utmost reliability.